Eagle Eclipse

C-13 Sonata

On this Holiday Season of Love, Peace and Joy, my original copyrighted piano music inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 with a link to YouTube is posted below which contains original artwork, photography and family. Enjoy!

Tabernacle Cloth

A Loriginal Design, a tabernacle cloth of beadwork and applique which matches the altar cloth made for Blessed Sacrament/St. Vincent de Paul Church in memory of my Mom, Connie Mitchell Marchell.   Displayed for The First Holy Communion Service and left up for Mother’s Day the following weekend.


A Loriginal Design of acrylic painting quilted and framed with an angelic horse, Charison, running through the crystal water in the Grand Canyon.


A Loriginal Acrylic Painting of Blondi, a Terrier/Cocker Spaniel mix dog who delighted the hearts of many and survived a near-fatal car accident.  In our hearts forever!

The Journey

Our opportunities for growth and expansion are as vast as the imagination can fathom, for the photography seems to capture the limitless expansiveness of the horizon of our life journey.

Chris Craft Sunrise

A Loriginal Design of oil on canvas.  The Wooden Chris Craft was owned by our Frank Hranek, our “Kristneetata” or Godfather in Slovak who owned a country store and lived on Cayuga Lake.  All of the family enjoyed boat rides, fishing and water skiing with this classic wooden boat.  This is an oil painting I did in his memory and donated it to the Lourdes End Of Life Hospice Center in his memory.

First Holy Communion Altar Cloth


A Loriginal Design featuring beadwork and applique.  The year after my beloved Mother, Connie Marchell, passed on Easter Sunday, I created an altar and tabernacle art to be used for First Holy  Communion at Blessed Sacrament/St. Vincent de Paul Church.  It is also there for Mother’s Day in honor of her angelic ways and all mothers feminine spirit.