Creative Coach, Healing Arts, Spiritual Teacher.

Lori D. Marchell and Jaco

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Through creative expression there are infinite possibilities of expanding awareness.  I’ve included some photography and artwork in my portfolio link below together with my original copyrighted piano composition posted on You Tube entitled “C-13 Sonata” which is inspired about the everlasting, always flowing power of Love from 1 Corinthians 13.

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As a Certified Creative Coach through The Coaches Alliance, an ICF approved program, I have held several workshops and presentations as well as coached individuals through various circumstances for inner and outer transformation in empowerment.  An old soul, starseed, clairvoyant and Reiki II Practitioner, I have the gift of inner healing abilities through seeing spiritual gifts through the Holy Spirit.  I have spoken Light Language from an early age, my music compositions and artwork are channels of Spirit’s healing grace to assist the world in awakening and ascension.  

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A Near Death Survivor for over thirty years, my all-encompassing experience of the spiritual realms is that of saturated telepathic love, the highest vibrational colorful frequency of our sacred heart.  My personal journalling techniques from an early age are written from right to left, bottom to top, which is how Spirit channels important messages to me.  


The following topics are various workshop presentations I have facilitated and will be featuring as downloadable programs for purchase.

“Vapor Queen:  Energetic Cleansing of Past, Present and Future Timelines”

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I am here to assist in empowerment of those who are of the awakening collective of spiritual light workers and am offering a free 15 minute consultation service which can be via email, zoom or phone.  You many contact me via this website or my email address:


As my Grandma Marge and mom would say, “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!”



First Holy Communion Altar Cloth

A Loriginal Design … More First Holy Communion Altar Cloth

Chris Craft Sunrise

A Loriginal Design … More Chris Craft Sunrise

The Journey

Our opportunities for … More The Journey


A Loriginal Acrylic Painting of Blondi … More Blondi


A Loriginal Design of … More Charison

The Flirty Parrot

A Loriginal Design … More The Flirty Parrot

Elegant Giraffe

A Loriginal Design … More Elegant Giraffe

A Christmas Deer

A Loriginal Design … More A Christmas Deer

Tabernacle Cloth

A Loriginal Design, … More Tabernacle Cloth

C-13 Sonata

On this Holiday Season of Love, Peace and Joy, … More C-13 Sonata

The Hummingbird

Acrylic Quilted Beadwork from Grandma Marge’s party dress … More The Hummingbird

Taughannock Falls

Acrylic painting on fabric … More Taughannock Falls

Grandma and Grandpa Stolarcyk’s Florida Home

Acrylic on canvas painting … More Grandma and Grandpa Stolarcyk’s Florida Home

The London Eye Ferris Wheel

Acrylic on canvas.

Mom and Dad’s Spiritual Essence

Acrylic on canvas … More Mom and Dad’s Spiritual Essence

Winter Deer

Acrylic on material and quilted. … More Winter Deer

Springer Spaniel

Bridgette, Chert Dog’s hiking companion, oil on canvas. … More Springer Spaniel

Painted Outdoor Nativity Scene

Wooden Hand Painted Nativity Scene. … More Painted Outdoor Nativity Scene

Quilted Iris

Acrylic painting quilted on material. … More Quilted Iris


Acrylic painting on material quilted. … More Sailboat


Pastel and pencil on paper. … More Waterfall

1957 Packard “Pink Pet”

Acrylic on material quilted. … More 1957 Packard “Pink Pet”

Moon Rise

Pastel and pencil. … More Moon Rise

Algonquin Rock Trail

Adirondack Algonquin Rock Trail Photograph … More Algonquin Rock Trail

Rock Formations Algonquin Peak

Almost to the summit on the Algonquin Trail in the Adirondacks … More Rock Formations Algonquin Peak

Summit at Algonquin Peak

One view atop Algonquin peak in Adirondack Park. … More Summit at Algonquin Peak

Panoramic View Adirondack

A breathtaking view atop Algonquin Peak of Adirondack Park. … More Panoramic View Adirondack

Algonquin Creek Trail

Hiking the creek climbing up Algonquin at the Adirondacks. … More Algonquin Creek Trail

Blue Heron in the Bog

Blue Heron resting atop a tree branch … More Blue Heron in the Bog

Blue Heron Curved Neck

Blue Heron in pond along bike trail outside of Wellsboro, PA. … More Blue Heron Curved Neck

Blue Heron in Pond

Blue Heron standing in pond outside of Wellsboro, PA. … More Blue Heron in Pond

Blue Heron at 1000 Islands

Blue Heron on rocks alongside the water at the Thousand Islands. … More Blue Heron at 1000 Islands

Thousand Island Morning Mist

Thousand Island coastline morning mist to give way for a beautiful day! … More Thousand Island Morning Mist

Mohonk Mountain Mule Ride

While hiking at Mohonk Mountain, these two peaceful mules posed for a photo! … More Mohonk Mountain Mule Ride

Mohonk Mountain House

Tree top view above Mohonk Mountain trail overlooking the infamous Mohonk Mountain House. … More Mohonk Mountain House

Maine Rainbow Mist

While visiting Acadia National Park in Maine, … More Maine Rainbow Mist

Acadia Rainbow

Capturing the landscape together with the magnificent rainbow at Acadia National Park. … More Acadia Rainbow

Acadia Beach

A restful place on the beach at Acadia National Park in Maine. … More Acadia Beach

Romeo’s Sunset Rapture

A Tofino Sunset Series

A Loriginal Designs/Tofino Photography Oil on Canvas.

Eagle Eclipse

Eagle Eclipse … More Eagle Eclipse

Kathy M.

This is such a wonderful and moving piece.  Lori, I love your work!  Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Kathy M.


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  1. Lori’s art, photographs and music are some of the most awe-inspiring that I have the privilege of viewing and hearing. I have printed out several of her pieces for my “happy board” at work, and do not ever tire of looking at them. Her gifts and talents are immeasurable and God-given and inspired. I am blessed, BLESSED! to call her friend and sister 🙂

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