Loriginal Piano Composition: “Bogle Bouquet Movements”

A selection of newly composed piano music to Like*Share*Subscribe*Listen*Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

5 thoughts on “Loriginal Piano Composition: “Bogle Bouquet Movements”

  1. Reblogged this on Tofino Photography and commented:
    Lori plays a beautiful piano,she writes and has published and paints!
    A true renaissance soul!
    She has painted some of my sunset eagle shots beautifully and added her piano playing.
    My pictures have never looked so good!
    Give a listen……

    1. Thank you and a Very Merry Christmas to you Wayne for sharing the gifts that God has graced me with! We all have various ways of sharing our light and yours is capured through your photography and the heart and soul of your works. Thank you again and for all that listen, there are other compositions on my YouTube Channel. A Merry Christmas and a Very Healthy Happy New Year!!!

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