My Near Death Journey

My life came to a startling halt when a large truck smashed into the driver’s side of my small car. The impact crunched my vehicle like aluminum foil. The initial force thrust my seat to the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Rescue workers used the jaws-of-life to extract me from the wreckage. Notified of the accident, my husband sped wildly to the hospital.

The accident resulted in extensive swelling to the left side of my brain, broken ribs and a collapsed lung, and lower back injuries. Being in good physical condition at the time of the accident, I was spared internal injuries.

The doctors stated to family that if I did not regain consciousness and the brain’s swelling continued, they would have to operate to relieve the pressure. Brain damage or neurological impairments were possible.

Family remained at my bedside, hoping that I would regain consciousness. While friends and family prayed for me, my spirit traveled to a vividly colorful yet familiar place – my grandparents’ house (both had passed away prior to the accident). Their environment was lucid, tranquil, appreciative and loving. All the flowers, environment and people radiated this intense saturation of love and communicated telepathically.

In this dreamlike encounter, I was again an animated child of five soaring on my favorite swing set. Grandpa was close-by working in his garden. Grandma was on her way to walk the grassy, wooded trail along the creek that Grandpa kept neatly manicured. For prayer time, she referred to it as her rosary path. As I stood at the base of the rosary path next to the St. Francis statue surrounded by roses, I was no longer a child of five but a woman. As Grandma looked down to me from her path, she asked me to come with her in her strong Czechoslovakian accent. In a melancholy yet courageous voice I told her that I had to go now.

Was God asking me to stop long enough to take a good look at myself and realize how much I had to be thankful for NOW, in the PRESENT MOMENT? I truly believe that in my race to be more, do more, and become more, I had somehow quit appreciating who I already was.

After responding to Grandma’s question, I awoke from the coma. Family stood in front of the bed, looking down at me, indebted to God that I had finally regained consciousness.

The hospital released me the following Saturday into a disorienting, foggy existence. I did not know who I was anymore and felt like a puzzle whose pieces had been scattered. Could I put myself back together again? Were all the pieces still there?

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me,” (Philippians 4:13, NAS) became a scripture I memorized together with, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24, NIV).

God/Source had always been the center focal point in my life, yet I began realizing what it meant by “letting go and letting God,” which lightened my perspective and allowed me to rise above my emotions to a place of spiritual enlightenment.

Before the accident, I’d felt like a clear glass jar full of vitality and love. Being an avid runner, bicyclist, canoeist, and x-country skier, I had an active lifestyle. Playing the piano, sewing up clothes, painting pictures, and reading were other hobbies I enjoyed.

After the accident, I was a smoke-colored glass jar that was empty. A stretched optic nerve resulted in double vision. I would often say things backward or stop mid-sentence. My short-term memory and concentration decreased, so I wrote everything down to remember. Opposite behavior qualities emerged, including introversion, moodiness, and irritability.

A fatigue emerged that made me feel like I was asleep even when awake. I experienced “sensory overload,” which made concentrating on the immediate task difficult. I was experiencing symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. My relationships with those closest to me went under quite a strain.

People often said I looked fine, not knowing the distress that lurked in the depths of my soul because the injury was INTERNAL, not external. Yes, I was extremely grateful that I had not been disfigured, but injury occurs on the inside, too. This simply reemphasized to me, “For the Lord sees no as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord look on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7, RSV).

Since my friends and family lacked insight regarding head trauma, this made me draw closer to God because He could understand all my needs.

Looking back in my previous journal writings, I sensed an urgent need to bond with God and know and love myself. Using this convalescing time, I was being given a second chance to appreciate and reclaim those qualities that were still available to me.

“…that in everything God works for good with those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28, RSV).

I practiced the piano to increase concentration skills, painted, and began to read and record my voice to re-learn concepts. Living on the boat, bicycling along the country roads, and sketching summer scenes brought renewed vitality.

Now, 26 years later, this clairvoyance, peace, and love empower my life with inner knowing and joy.

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  1. Lori, an interesting recounting. Thank you for visiting The Green Snake Retold. As you know from your visit there, I am doing an astrological study on those who have come along various paths to achieving conscious awareness of their spiritual self and life purpose. Goethe was my pilot project and I am now introducing a number of know and not publically known people who have had unique experiences that have changed their life. *** If you would like to see how your experience looked from an astrological perspective, I would be glad to share that with you. If you also found it interesting and perhaps help others find their paths forward we could consider sharing it on the blog site. To do this I would need your birth data; date, time (as best you know it), and location. Plus the date and place of your accident and any other milestone events related to it — before or after the accident. My e-mail is *** You have a nice blog site and a nice personal touch to it. Dave

    1. It really is a miracle! My Godfather had passed over prior to the accident, and I am certain he had his energy surrounding me, so my connection to loved ones who have passed over is a powerful testimony for us all to know that they are here and miss us too! Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Dear Lori,

    Your story is impressive and confirms that we all are in the hands and love of God, we all are His children.

    In my life I have experienced about 3 or 4 time a near-death-experience and it would be too long to report them all. However, one thing I have learnt and understood from it: Long before I was interested in spirituality, before I reentered the believing path of God (I used to be even an atheist, as I could not think that if there was a God, why He seperates people in different religions, why religions often had a pressing attitude towards man) – I had an awful car accident with my family, my wife and 2 small children in the car – I did something that rationally I did not understand, but later this doing appeared as not my doing, but the doing of God. 1 hour before the accident took place I stopped and thought that i had to use another flexible cord to fasten the suitcases on the roof of the car. Normally this was not at all needed as these suitcases were already firm and nicely secured. Then half an hour before the accident I stopped the car again and used more cord to fix the luggage on the roof – really crazy and I had no explanation why I did so. Then the accident happended: One rear-tyre exploded and I was driving in Germany on the motorway with a speed of about 140 km on the overtaking lane. Suddenly as if someone has pushed a button inside me and I saw everything in slowmotion: the turning of the car like a spinning top: vertically and horizontally. 150 m of the iron central guard rail was broken as we touched it in many loops. Just when we had our last loop, the suitcases fell from the roof and we came back on the tyres to the ground. This extra-fixing the suitcases has saved our lives, because if the luggage would have fallen in earlier loops of the car the roof would have been surely so much damaged and dented that… So it was exactly the right dosis of securing the suitcase on top of the car. Really a miricle. Car was totally damaged and my family and I had not even a scratch or bruise. Years after it when I have entered the path of spirituality, also in another fantastic story I came to my Master Sant Kirpal Singh. Today I know that it was the Christ-power or God-power or Master- or Guru-power (all the same) that has saved our life long before I got in touch with His universal teaching that we are all one that men made religions but that God made man. In each of us there is this divine power and we are not separated from God, as we are a drop of this Ocean Almighty. We all have to understand that we are all brothers and sisters in HIm and should also treat us like that: with respect, dignity, and love -as in each of us there is this divine love and power as a temple in the human body. We should not forget: we are all one in HIM

    Thanks, dear Lori, I hope this comment is not too long, but you are the first to whom I have shared my near-death-experience in public.

    God bless you and happy days

    1. Your faith and connection to Spirit are remarkable!!! The miracle of your experiences is powerful and I am so blessed that you have shared them with me! Our purpose is to be able to share our experiences to build belief. May God continue to shine through you and use you as a Light full of Love!!! Lori

  3. That’s an incredible story and just because I am not a believer in any god does not stop me being so happy at the outcome. Anyway, I called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!

  4. This is very moving… as these events strengthened your “God connection”… you have a way of making even the painful seem beautiful somehow. I too had a few “brushes at death’s door”… It’s easier to feel gratitude every day… and this is a great reminder! Thank you for sharing this inspiring chapter from your life’s journey! 🙂

    1. My beloved mom used to say that “sometimes God allows our hearts to be broken so that He can beautify our souls.” The Intensity of my crossing over and being unrest saturation of Love and Light, permeating within and surrounding me as everything telepathically spoke of Love is something which makes being here extremely challenging, and at the same time I think of the great teachers, masters, enlightened sages, Jesus, and how he was coined “the man of sorrows” because he was unconditional Love and was so saddened by the linear, asleep and fear-based thoughts. We are living in MONUMENTAL times where our intention of Love and Light can transmute and transform those asleep. May our united universal love transcend awareness as we have assistance now more than ever!

      1. Your photography is breathtaking! I love Maggie the Eagle, and that was my Grandmother’s name ( PINK blog post, one of many references to her love in my life) and today is the first birthday she is not physically with us. So seeing your Maggie Eagle photo, and seeing our resident eagle sharing above the get stream yesterday are simple confirmations and reminders of our loved ones presence in our lives.

      2. comment on one of the Maggie shots you like.My computer will grab your e-mail address.I’ll send it to you in memory of your Grandmother & your continuing journey.

  5. Lori –
    Thanks for putting “Likes” on several of my blog articles. It’s nice to get encouragement and acknowledgement from fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing your NDE experience. I enjoyed reading it. Your story, and several others I have read, reinforces my belief that we all have a spiritual side. Whether you call it Spirit, Mind, Soul, of Conciousness, there definitely is more to us than this physical body that we inhabit. I hope to read some more of your writings. May God continue to bless, guide and protect you!

    1. You are welcome, as I too, am appreciative of your insights and comments! The accident happened over 26 years ago, and it isn’t until now that people seem to be more open and receptive to my experience. It changed me, and expanded my awareness. I am forever thankful that I was protected so my physical body wasn’t harmed and it makes my story that much more meaningful when I have to instruct yoga, because I am so grateful to have the ability to. Blessings, Lori

  6. Your story of your NDE has moved me greatly. I had one as a teenager, and I know that LOVE is truly the answer, for I felt that myself. Also, you made a choice to come back, as did I. Now in the Autumn of my life, I can look back over all I have endured, both good and bad. All of the experiences, standing alone, do not have the impact that they do when I look back and see all the reasons why I can now express compassion and thankfulness as I communicate with our fellow passengers/travelers on this planet. Loved your story. Thanks for sharing it. God bless you!

    1. Isn’t enriching and enlivening for us to be able to share these incredible experiences with others now and know that by our previous NDE, we were being prepared to be the Wayshowers, and didn’t even realize it at the time! Isn’t it grand!

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