Chert Dog’s First Television Interview!!!


“Doghead is pretty easy to learn, you just have to speak from the heart.”

L.D. Marchell “My Father’s Greatest Gift:

Life Lessons from a Black English Labrador Retriever”

As some of you may know, I promised Chert Dog that I would get his story of unconditional love and forgiveness published, but that I would also promote it so that his mission and purpose would spread across the world. Today was “his” first television interview with Kara Conrad, producer and host on WBNG -TV CBS Channel 12 News featured in “Around the Tiers” segment aired Monday – Friday from 12:15- 12:30 pm. As synchronicity would have it, my booth at Otsiningo Park’s “All Paws for a Cause Dog Walk” is how this interview came about! Following is the link to the interview. Enjoy!

Local author talks book, “My Father’s Greatest Gift”

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Chert was an old soul, and his charisma attracted all the children in the neighborhood including his female girlfriend, Syria, a Sassy White Bichon who just happened to live across the street! Chert had two loves, for his stomach it was PIZZA! And for his heart it was Syria! His favorite time of year was Halloween when everyone would come to visit HIM (or so he thought)! His last year with us, it was a prerequisite from all of the trick-or-treaters that they had to pet the dog first before they got a treat! I will always remember the magic and wonder Chert brought to my heart and am much blessed to have known, loved and to have been loved by such an altruistic angel in furry clothing!




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18 thoughts on “Chert Dog’s First Television Interview!!!

    1. Chert was an angel in furry clothing, for certain! I am very glad he is busy spreading his message of unconditional love and forgiveness, remember I just penned his story, He is the author, as He narrates the whole book!

      1. Many thanks! It’s been 21 years in the making, a tribute to my Mom, Dad, Chert and their enduring unconditional love across the veil to eternity. I promised Chert I’d tell his story. I’m just the vehicle, it is his old soul shining through! Thank you!

    1. Chert is the answer to any PIZZA party around! His barking and dancing abilities, which he inherited from his Dad, Broadway Bound (AKA Elvis) make him a perfect candidate for promoting any PIZZA shop around!

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