PINK! Grandma Marge’s Trademark

On a beautiful August afternoon, I went to visit my Grandmother at the nursing home. The birds seemed to have a different energy around them as they sang gloriously in the trees where I parked, as if they were an entourage of angels celebrating life! It was the Blessed Mother’s Assumption and Grandma seemed to be preparing to go home. Her daughter (my Mom) had passed over 21 years ago, as well as her husbands and family and she seemed as if she was preparing for over the past month. She asked me to hug her and then held my left hand ever so tightly, then asked for me to put her ” Poppuchies” (slippers in Slovak) on her feet, demanding that I do it NOW! Then, she requested a hat for her head, NOW! Though lying in the bed, she wanted to be “ready” and asked to be seated in her reclining chair overlooking the hills NOW! And then I knew, the entourage was here for her and she, as always a punctual woman throughout her 96 years, was awaiting their arrival. Grandma transitioned that evening, but the family “joke” is that she thought that her love and devotion to the rosary, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus, her best friend, would have gotten her home on the Blessed Mother’s Assumption, but for the first time in her entire life, she was late! In my flower garden, the birds had planted a corn stalk and a sunflower. Sunflowers are one of many signs from my mom. The corn tassel turned PINK for one day – Grandma having a fun with sending signs that she is ALIVE, for LOVE JUST IS.


16 thoughts on “PINK! Grandma Marge’s Trademark

    1. Grandmas Birthday would have been today, on the New Moon, so I reposted her colorful pink corn tassel! Thank you for sharing in my experiences as it is wonderful to have others “see” these are Spirits ways of sending love and light!

      1. You are so blessed to keep that portal of communication open to all loved ones! They miss us too and want to be an active part in all that is happening, especially in these monumental times! The veil is so thin, that is why we can hear and see so much, not to mention how we are being recalibrated! You, too, are blessed to be surrounded from such Love! Blessings! Lori

    1. Thank you for sharing my Grandmother’s wonderful tribute in her pink which is symbolic of Love. She led me to read Daniel 3:52-90 at her service. She loved all of nature, and her best friend is Jesus. A strong woman of faith. Blessings to you, and ya ti muc lubiem (Slovak for I love you very much)!

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