A Loriginal Piano Composition: “C-13 Sonata”


Throughout the creative process, I paint pictures, write stories, take photographs and compose music which all interweave into the tapestry of my life.  Though viewing the process from the underside with all the loose threads it appears to be quite a mess, the passion within is determined to interweave all the colorful threads to behold a brilliant gift from the Universe!

This copyrighted piano composition is inspired by 1 Corinthians 13  and spans my life journey.  When my beloved Mother passed, Dad  had this engraved on their stone:

“A hug, a smile, a kiss, fond memories of a lifetime”

(Posted on You Tube as well as on my blog’s Piano, Art and Photography tab, with some of my artwork, photography and family photos to go along with the music).


21 thoughts on “A Loriginal Piano Composition: “C-13 Sonata”

  1. “A hug, a smile, a kiss, fond memories of a lifetime”. It is all we remember … all we are for others, after leaving this life. Thank you, Lori!

  2. That is such a beautiful line which your father put up for your mother. Says it all in a few words. You play so well. It went perfectly with that line running through the mind.

  3. Peaceful, a form of meditation or a least a pleasant atmosphere for it. I know nothing of music.However, I can place a blade of grass between my thumbs and blow a mean screech. Would I fit into the reeds section. ?

    1. You really know how to bring happy joyful tears to my heart, I miss my parents greatly, they are to me, all that symbolizes unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. Many thanks for your beautiful comment, Wayne! I am sure your parents feel the same way about your indescribabley breathtaking photography! They are with us now and always…

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