The Rose

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!


Mom loved to model, and this photo was taken of her preparing to go out on the stage at a local fashion show just 1 month prior to her death.  It is symbolic in that she is dressed in a wedding styled dress, where in some cultures, it was considered that a woman would be buried in her bridal dress to be going home to be with her groom (Jesus).  She also is pictured at the bottom of the staircase, as if it rises to heaven.

In memory of Connie A. Mitchell Marchell and all mothers including the entire animal kingdom, we have our lives to be thankful for their tenderness in carrying us within their womb and raising us in their lives.  Mom used to say that children were a gift loaned to us from heaven!

The Rose

She’s as beautiful as a delicate Peace Rose.

Her smile as radiant as the shining sun.

Her eyes sparkle as the evening stars.

Her words are always encouraging.

Her outlook is always positive.

Her heart is full of love.

As the fragrance of a rose grows more and more rich as it lives;

so does my mother’s warmth, faith and tender understanding

envelope all those who surround her.

But most of all, my mother has shown me the meaning of God in my life;

for her strength, courage and devout dedication to those she cares about

has shown me the meaning of life…LOVE.

And LOVE comes from God.

I Love Your Very, Very,Very Much, Mom!!!

Your Daughter Lori.

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15 thoughts on “The Rose

  1. It is also said we choose our parents when we incarnate here on Mother Earth. You chose your mother, she gave you so much Love and you share it touching people lives around you! She looks stunning! Happy Mother’s Day! <3 Manuela

    1. Thank you, Manuela, your words ring true! I believe that mom and I share a deep, abiding bond which surpasses the constraints of physical awareness! As she is doing the work of spreading love on her spiritual level, I am on the physical level. It is a sacred relationship which I have continually cultivated over her first 54 years here, and her 22 years in spirit. We are closer now than ever!

      1. That is exactly what I feel surrounding me all of the time, its how I’ve been able to develop my relationship with her transcending into pure love. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Because of my faith, which Mom shared deeply with all she encountered in her life, I have an abiding trust in the Lord, and believe that though even when I travel through the valley of the shadow of death, I am not alone. I am carried, as. He will carry you and your loved ones, it’s all about communication with Him.

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