Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

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“Now it is time for you to forgive *(him/her) and comfort *him.  Otherwise *he may become so bitter and discouraged that *he won’t be able to recover.  Please show *him now that you still do love *him very much.”

2 Corinthians 2:7


Have you ever wondered why certain lessons keep appearing in your life, especially when you have done all the clearing out, cleansing, releasing, burning and letting go rituals?  Might you take a new perspective on this message that keeps appearing from the messenger – these “thorns in your side” are very well the weaknesses which will make you strong.  The apostle Paul spoke of this as he pleaded to be removed from these deeply intense challenges placed upon him during his ministry.  Yet, through these weaknesses he rejoiced, for it is through being on his knees he opened himself up to receive strength within from the Spirit that gives us life.


Everything surrounding us desires to be loved, nurtured and embraced, especially the briars with which we may be become entangled in our lives.  At these times on our journey, it is wise to pause and reflect on how these spindles need to be welcomed into our realm of forgiveness within ourselves.  A close friend of mine told me that sometimes all an individual has left to give are snakes (i.e. hurtful things because that person is hurting and that’s all they have left to give).  Everyone is doing the best that they can given the circumstances presented to them (i.e., you don’t know the burdens of another unless you walk a mile in their shoes).  That is why it is so very important to have compassion towards others and encourage and support one another.  It then makes the journey full of Light radiating from within. For to love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

“Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.”

Lesson 62, A Course in Miracles


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11 thoughts on “Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

  1. Thanks, dear Lori

    the problems we are facing is that we all have a different background, different surrounding lives and different levels according to our understand and experiences made – for our society we need new values, higher values that respect, help, honour, love, compassion is an ideal of the society where everyone can benefit from – the society with its media should also have a profound change: instead of showing violence, sex and ego-like happenings in films, newspaper, tv and so on (which in general is then copied by people in this or that direction) – we should all be a good example for our children (because children, how they are, are the result partly of the education of the parents and teachers and contacts with friends as well) – in the pc-language you say: Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) – so what do we see in our society? – now? – and what do we get? … we all know… so we all need strong and noble values – instead what is our present society offering (one hand gives out alcohol and cigarettes – the other hand is taking money for it, taking advantage from it – this is just schizophrenic) our society is not clear in its action. the results we can see… People are educated to be egoists – as it also is with our monetary system, economic system: to get out most from a matter with a mininium of resources – in this way we are taught to be egoists. We should be the other way round: to help each other – out of compassion – to understand that we sit all in the same boat.

    May God help us and turn the key for a higher consciousness…

    Thank, you dear Lori
    Have a nice day

    1. Yes, dear Didi, we are here as anchors of Love and Light to transmute these old, with out, lower vibrational, ego-based ways by opening up new insights and potentials through our art, our writing, our music, our reaching and speaking to assist in this necessary transformation. Your words are true and go to the root of the low vibrational belief system engrained in so many like a weed. These old thoughts, behaviors and beliefs require to be pulled out and burned out from the core. Very painful inner work to face and acknowledge and take on, therefore so few chose this path. Yet it is now our duty to anchor our truth deeply and energetically send these messages of love to those who will become receptive. It is why we are now here. Blessings, Lori

      1. Thank you, dear Lori,

        Yes, each of us can contribute to a better world and as Gandhi said: “If we want to see a change in the world, we need to change ourselves first” – so when our house is no longer on fire anymore, then we can help to extinguish the fire of so many houses burning with the water of love, compassion, right understanding, humbleness, friendliness, and respect – no longer to make skin colour differences, differences in religions, in different faithes, nations, people and tribes – we have to become living examples and plant the seed of new values into the heart of our fellow human beings.

        Thank, dear Lori

  2. Dang it, you beat me to the punch-I have been pondering this theme and expressed a slightly different take, however, similar in it’s, message. Well done my dear, I’m grateful for your presence in my feed.

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