Tomatoes, Sunflowers and Roses

Dad’s Rose

This is an inside miracle regarding the year my Dad transitioned home to be a guide and teacher on the other side.  My rose bush that year grew back its original grafting to behold the most fragrant and bright pink roses!  As a Graduate from Cornell’s Agriculture School, Dad was considered a Master Gardner, with roses and vegetables and the most lush green grass utilizing his understanding of chemistry and creating his own soil.  Not to mention he was happiest in his garden and all of his seedlings started under growing lamps then transferred out to be placed under old tanning beds which formed little greenhouses to protect them in the spring brought forth a bounty of beauty of which he cherished.  He was astounded when I told him about the rose, as the original grafts are not likely to grow back once they have gone wild.  That July when he went home to be with my beloved Mom, he left me his most beloved companion, an English Black Labrador Retriever named Chert (Slovak for devil) together with an overflowing of love from his garden.  My rose bush has never bloomed since that time.  (This is a personal account referencing Chapter 10:  Tomatoes, Sunflowers and Roses in my upcoming book entitled My Father’s Greatest Gift).

Dad’s Tomatoes and Chert


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