Seven Hearts

I so love when there are visual confirmations to share with others about the intense love being radiated to us from the spiritual realms!  Notice the seven red hearts floating over the trees together with the prism of rainbow light flowing in both directions from the white sun.  The energy and color of the sun has amplified to white crystalline light as we continue to resonate at a higher awareness.  Finally, notice the blurry white in the center of the light post between the trees which extends out to a red pathway on the grass.  Exciting to share these glimpses of the intense love and light that is our gift – it is who we are!

A few weeks later, the hearts appeared again in my backyard on the Crimson King Maple that I had planted in my Father’s memory – interesting that there are two red hearts this time – Mom and Dad.  My cat, Jaco, seems to have a gold orb on his cheek and above his head is a light pink orb, which is Grandma’s color of choice!  So, even though these are simple visual confirmations to me personally, I feel compelled to share them as Spirit is calling us to be aware of the love all around us, enveloping us, within us, surrounding us and speaking to us in rainbow frequencies and light codes as we continue to become clear and open to all.


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