The Bird Brain Cafe (excerpt)

Chert Dog’s Greatest Gift:  Quantum Leaps of Faith

As you can see, my favorite place to supervise the Bird Brain Cafe is from my flower bed hiding places.  Sometimes I have to step up and get a drink out of the birdbath, and the birds fly away!  Across from this lookout I see several blue jays, cardinals, goldfinches, mourning doves and hummingbirds to mention just a few!  Recently, we have had the arrival of juncos, which are not normally from this area, but with the climate changes, we have noticed several new and wondrous things including incredible sunbows during the day and amazing cloud colors and formations for sunrise and sunset!  God is the Master Artist, that is for certain!

In my earlier years, I was foolish in chasing and catching the birds.  One day, I caught a baby female cardinal and Lori came along instantly to take it away from me.  I wanted her to be proud of me in my ability to be an excellent hunter, as that is truly my inner instinct.  She did say that I was a good hunter, but she also said that I don’t need to hunt because I have more than enough to sustain me.  She gave me a new use of my skills and abilities in supervising the bird brain cafe.  Seems reasonable to me!  So about that baby female cardinal, she grew up that summer and became quite a powerful and strong bird – I actually think that she tried chasing me, if I recall!  Serves me right for picking on something smaller than myself!  So its always about asking what do I want to come from this experience, what is it for?  The question should always come at the beginning of the challenge/experience.  The baby cardinal reminded me about my scary experience being chased up that big oak tree and that it would be best for me to let go of that traumatic experience and not keep re-creating both in my life and in the lives of others.  See, she taught me a very valuable lesson!  There is always something to learn and to grow and to become more than you were yesterday.  The cardinal exemplifies that to me now as she is full grown and a mother herself!  Glad we both learned how to get along together!

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  1. LOL. Very well written. We liked the phrase “God is the Master Artist, that is for certain”. We had a cat once that loved to hunt and as he aged it was more difficult. In those years he would climb the tree and sit in the bird feeder with his tail swishing. And yes…. “There is always something to learn and to grow and to become more than you were yesterday”.

      1. This is so true isn’t it. Nature teaches us so much. With God as the foundation even more gets revealed. You have a great writing style. Please keep sharing.

      2. Many thanks for your heart-felt words of encouragement! I appreciate your insightful ness and am tested continually on my faith through patient waiting on God. When it seems at the last possible moment, the answer just “appears”, the prayer is answered, the check arrives in the mail, the right person synchronicticaly appears with the connections necessary to continue doing the calling you feel deep within your heart. God wants us to utilize our gifts, talents and abilities, it just takes “time” to arrange all the moving pieces! Blessings, Lori

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