Loriginals LLC: Creative Consciousness Energy

Sacred Indicators of Body, Heart and Soul.

Inner Transformation

Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit through an Artistic, Creative and Spiritual approach.

Loriginals: Integration of Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

Music, Art and Photography

From the colors of the rainbow to the frequency and vibration of vivid hues, our inner joy and creativity are accessed through artistic expression.

Creative Coach:  Spiritual Awakening

Our bodies keep the beat from when we were conceived as the Spirit gives us life, the flesh is of no avail.  The movement and amplification of rhythmic melodies fill our lives with song.


The written and spoken word has great knowledge which teaches wisdom when applied to our inner listening we learn the truth that sets us free to be all that we can be and imagine.

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Copyrighted Original Composition entitled C-13 Sonata about Love.